Practice Copywriting Briefs to Build Your Portfolio by Helen Dibble

Practice Copywriting Briefs to Build Your Portfolio

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How are you supposed to get clients without a portfolio?

And how are you supposed to build a portfolio without clients?

Every copywriter will tell you, if you want to be a writer, get writing. 

They’ll also tell you to make up your own briefs. Which is great advice. But it left me stumped. I didn’t know what a brief might look like let alone how to make one up. 

And honestly, most businesses don’t know HOW to brief. So while you can practice all you like, half the game is in taking, clarifying and confirming the brief.

That’s why this mini-course offers you two things!

  • 30 real-life briefs to assess and respond to. Practice figuring out what you’d charge for them, what qualifying questions you might ask about them and, of course, writing them! 

  • And a brief-taking template worth £197 so when you secure that first client, you'll know exactly what to ask. 

Who am I?

Hey! I'm Helen Dibble, founder of freelance copywriting agency Incredibble, course creator, trainer and coach.

Every day, I take briefs from clients and brief copywriters. That unique position means I know you need direction. And I also know you're often not going to get it!

So these briefs are both detailed and broad. Pay attention to the questions you ask yourself as you go to respond to them. THESE are the questions you need to ask your clients.

PLUS, the brief taking template gives you a list of additional questions you might want to ask. Combine your thinking with the template for the ultimate brief-taking plan of action. 

I know this portfolio-building mini-course will boost your business before it's even started. My biggest hope is that it gives you the confidence to start doing what you love. Be sure to let me know! 

What's included?

Inside this mini-course

Brief building template | DOWNLOAD
5.5 MB
PRACTICE | Challenge yourself with these 30 example briefs
BRIEF #1 | Smoking strapline
BRIEF #2 | Anti-smoking strapline
BRIEF #3 | How to lead from afar
BRIEF #4 | So you wanna be a copywriter?
BRIEF #5 | D&I in agencies - how to live up to your word
BRIEF #6 | An introductory article on electric cars
BRIEF #7 | Website playground
BRIEF #8 | Write an email welcoming people back to a B&B after lockdown
BRIEF #9 | Put it in plain English
BRIEF #10 | Three words that could save your child’s life
BRIEF #11 | A real estate of mind
BRIEF #11 | A real estate of mind HOME #1
163 KB
BRIEF #11 | HOME #1
118 KB
BRIEF #11 | HOME #1
92.4 KB
BRIEF #11 | HOME #1
104 KB
BRIEF #11 | HOME #1
63.8 KB
BRIEF #11 | A real estate of mind HOME #2
90.7 KB
BRIEF #11 | HOME #2
75.2 KB
BRIEF #11 | HOME #2
70.6 KB
BRIEF #11 | HOME #2
85.5 KB
BRIEF #11 | A real estate of mind HOME #3
75.2 KB
BRIEF #11 | HOME #3
60.8 KB
BRIEF #11 | HOME #3
108 KB
BRIEF #12 | Three things you can start doing TODAY to make your finances Lit AF!
BRIEF #13 | Sell your home town!
BRIEF #14 | The #1 trainer bought by diabetics around the world
BRIEF #15 | LinkedIn-gagement
BRIEF #16 | Why Weight Watchers want you to fail
BRIEF #17 | Selling Shelter to Liberals and Conservatives
BRIEF 18 | It’s play time!
BRIEF #19 | Read this before you decide to go freelance!
BRIEF #20 | On the menu today…
BRIEF #21 | Internal Motivation
BRIEF #22 | Food that is out of this world!
BRIEF #23 | A simple guide to managing your time and being more effective
BRIEF #24 | Interview a CEO about their company’s culture.
BRIEF #25 | Reverse engineering tone of voice
BRIEF #26 | This Christmas it’s time to write your will
BRIEF #27 | Nominated for ad agency of the year!
BRIEF #28 | Profile a startup
BRIEF #29 | Locally sourced straplines
BRIEF #30 | A case study


How long will I have access to these files?


You'll always have access to these modules and you'll never pay more for it.

How much time should I put aside for the course?

Complete the briefs at your own pace. I recommend you don't do them all at once - good writing needs rest. 

The brief taking template can be used as and when you need it. 

Can I really use these briefs in my portfolio?

Pick and choose depending on your speciality, and which you feel you've responded to best. 

Always be authentic. Mark practice briefs as practice briefs. Don't pretend you've written for a brand or business when you haven't - that could get you into serious trouble!

You could add, "Incredibble Academy practice brief" by way of showing how you came by the piece. 

About Helen Dibble

Helen is the founder of Incredibble, a copywriting agency in the UK. She still can't believe she gets paid to write and her mission is to help more people do what they love.