Charge Your Worth by Helen Dibble

Charge Your Worth

The free ebook that helps freelancers figure out fees they feel FAB about. 

Do you charge your worth?

Are you confident about your freelance fees and know you’re charging your worth?

Or do you agonise over where to pitch yourself, what others are charging and how to stand by your rates?

What if you could assert your worth simply and easily?

What if you could unlock the secret to figuring out your fees and finally, confidently know how much to charge?

What if you could remove the ordeal of writing proposals, re-writing proposals, hoping for work, winning or losing the work, and still ultimately never knowing if your fees are right because nobody ever tells you...!

And replace it with clarity, balance, security and confidence?

The truth is...

Knowing your worth is a journey

It’s a journey I’m still on but I’ve come a long way since I started my freelance copywriting career in 2013.

Inside this free download, I share my journey from charging £20 an article to earning more than ever in a business filled with joy, excitement, ease and clients I adore.

And four simple mindset steps you can take today to figure out fees your feel fab about.

What's inside?


  • Why it starts with you
  • How to determine your no-go zone
  • When to walk away
  • What great fees feel like

Who am I?

I’m Helen Dibble. I run the copywriting business Incredibble and boy, has my fee-setting journey been a crazy one!

From charging £20 an article to running a six-figure business and discovering that truly means jack sh*t, I am elbow-deep in a business development journey that is far from perfect and 100% real.

Some tremendously generous, knowledgeable and insightful people have helped me on my way, and I want to pass that intel onto you, plus a load of personal experience that brings even more colour and insight to the picture.

I believe everyone deserves to do what they love and my mission is to help more people do just that.

Start charging your worth. Figure out fees you feel fab about.

What's the deal?

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About Helen Dibble

Helen is the founder of Incredibble, a copywriting agency in the UK. She still can't believe she gets paid to write and her mission is to help more people do what they love.