BRIEF #8 | Write an email welcoming people back to a B&B after lockdown

The email needs to be engaging, to the point, warm, friendly and reassuring. This email is going to a database of people who have previously booked or who have existing bookings with the B&B. Explain what has happened to reservations, how the company is prepared for C-19, what measures they’re taking to protect visitors and any additional advice that’s relevant. Include style recommendations if required.

Top tip: B&B’s are all about the personal touch. Gary Halbert, one of the greatest copywriters of all time, shares a simple technique for creating intimacy and that is to describe what’s going on around you. For example:

“The sun is setting as I write this email. It’s just after tea time (we had stew) and my lovely wife, Sheila, is clearing the table in the other room. The place has felt very quiet the last few months and we cannot wait to welcome you back to our B&B.” 

See what I mean? Something about it draws you in and makes you feel closer to the person writing. Give it a go in your email! 

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