Feel-Good Fees

The 30-day online course that helps you
figure out fees you feel fab about
and start charging your worth.

Sick and tired of not getting paid enough for your work?

Are you...

 constantly wondering what others are charging? 

agonising over where to pitch yourself?

desperate to know how to stand by your rates?

spending days writing your proposals, re-writing your proposals, hoping for the work, winning or losing the work, and still ultimately never knowing if your fees are right because nobody ever tells you!?

What if you...

could confidently know your worth and charge the right amount every time you work with a new client?

 knew how and when to walk away from low fees, knowing you were doing the right thing? 

 could uncover a client’s budget before you waste hours of time guessing?

 knew exactly what to do when a project takes longer than expected or is more involved than you thought?

 had formulas and calculators to help you do all this?

Introducing Feel-Good Fees

The 30-day online course that helps you figure out fees you feel fab about and start charging your worth

This is perfect for you if...

✓  You’re ALREADY running a freelance business with a growing handful of clients you adore, but you’re STILL wondering if you’re charging your worth.

✓  People are ALREADY recommending you and it feels great, but you’re STILL not sure what fair fees look like.

✓  You’ve ALREADY checked out fee comparison sites, job boards, Facebook groups, Twitter threads and asked your closest copywriting allies for advice, but fee setting STILL leaves you agonising over the investment section of your proposals.

You cold sweat when you think you’ve gone in too high and kick yourself when you think you’ve gone in too low.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an alert that told you your work is worth way more than you think?!

Feel-Good Fees takes you from underselling yourself to proudly putting your prices forward knowing they are based on logic and reason and aligned to your values and beliefs.

Helen Dibble, course creator 

Why I wrote Feel-Good Fees

Hey, I’m Helen Dibble. I run the copywriting business Incredibble and wow, has my fee-setting journey been a crazy one! 

From charging £20 an article to running a six-figure business and discovering that truly means jack sh*t, I am elbow-deep in a business development journey that is far from perfect and 100% real. 

More than any other, ‘how much should I charge?’ is the question I hear most. 

And more than any other part of my business, figuring out how much I should charge has been (and still is) my steepest learning curve.
There was a time when I couldn’t even look at this stuff, it brought me so much pain and discomfort.

There was a time I could barely cover rent.

There was a time when I couldn’t socialise with my friends - not just because I couldn’t afford to but because I was deeply ashamed about how little money I was making from my own business.

There was a time when I felt frustrated, annoyed, angry and powerless to change the way I asked for money.

Luckily, some tremendously generous, knowledgeable and insightful people have helped me on my way.

And I want to pass that intel onto you, and share the many real-life examples I have of getting this wrong, right, getting in my way and out of it and starting all over again.

Why? Because I believe everyone deserves to do what they love and my mission is to help more people do just that.

And it starts with charging your worth.

You'll love this course because...

It covers the two essential ingredients to charging your worth.

The stuff you need to think, and the things you need to do.

It helps you confidently answer the questions holding you back from building the business of your dreams.

Find answers to questions like...

  • How do I know what to charge?
  • Am I undercharging
  • Should I put up my prices? 
  • How do I work out a client’s budget?
  • How do I say no to low fees? 
  • When should I walk away
  • What happens if a project takes longer or involves more work? 
  • How do I accurately price projects?

So you can...

  • Make brilliant money without spreading yourself thin
  • Be satisfied with your working life
  • Deliver your best work
  • Generate consistently profitable business
  • Stop working silly hours
  • Turn down jobs you don’t want
  • Master your craft
  • Concentrate on your health
  • Focus on your family
  • Write your book
  • Control your workload
  • Lower your stress levels
  • Enjoy more creative freedom
  • Do your dream job!

In less than 25 minutes each week, you'll cover these four essential foundational modules

Module 1. It starts with you

Understand how to build fees that make sense for you. Understand when to say no and when to walk away.

  • Know what to charge
  • Find your no-go zone
  • Access the fee-finding calculator
  • Understand what great client relationships look like for you

Module 2. Building brilliant client relationships

Understand why this unlocks so much freedom, start to play with the magic of clear agreements and find out how to discover your client’s budget so you can accurately price your proposals.

  • Access the brief building template
  • Swipe the works-every-time ‘what’s your budget?’ script
  • Pick up persuasive proposal tips

Module 3. Work those relationships

Understand what to do when a project changes, how clear agreements really come into their own and how to lock them into contracts.
  • Make clear agreements in person and on paper
  • Access cut-out-and-keep contract clauses

4. Work on you

Understand how feel-good fees is a practice and a commitment. Meet the mindset methods to keep you charging your worth.

You'll get exclusive access to...

Bite-sized, specific and strategic video tutorials
Feel-Good Fees is an online, 30-day course. Each week, you'll receive a new module - a series of short videos with specific advice and proven examples. Completing each module will take around 10 to 25 minutes each week. 

Easy to copy and swipe templates, calculators and scripts to make your fee-setting life 100% times easier
Get your hands on my super-practical workbooks and a host of extremely useful tools you can take into your own copywriting business. 
One-to-one coaching conversation with yours truly
We’ll meet online and discuss your most pressing pricing challenges. Share proposals and discuss your prices in complete confidence. One call is included in the course and you can always book more.

What other freelancers are saying

Helen nurtures your skills, builds your confidence, offers real business insights (the stuff you won’t find on the internet), and helps you achieve your goals.

Georgina, freelance copywriter
Helen has helped me develop from copywriting novice to producing high-quality work for national and international businesses. I couldn’t have achieved this level of success without Helen’s first-class coaching and guidance.
Becky, freelance copywriter

Want more detail? Here's exactly what we'll cover.

Your 30-day course

Module 1 - Why it starts with you
Lesson 1. Welcome to Feel-Good Fees
3 mins
Lesson 2: Why I Won't Tell You What to Charge
2 mins
Lesson 3. The Fee Calculators RESOURCE
Lesson 3. The Fee Calculators (Essential Explainer Video)
20 mins
Lesson 4. Your No-Go Client Zone
3 mins
Lesson 4. Your No-Go Client Zone RESOURCE
20.5 MB
Module 2 - Building brilliant client relationships
Lesson 1. What to Expect
2 mins
Lesson 2. Making Clear Agreements
6 mins
Lesson 3. The Brief Building Template
4 mins
Lesson 3. The Brief Building Template RESOURCE
5.48 MB
Lesson 4. The 'What's Your Budget?'
6 mins
Lesson 4. The 'What's Your Budget?' RESOURCE
8.1 MB
Lesson 5. Prize-winning Proposal Tips
5 mins
Module 3 - Work that relationship
Lesson 1. What to Expect
2 mins
Lesson 2. Good Contracts
3 mins
Lesson 2. Good contracts PROCOPYWRITERS LINK
Lesson 3. Contract Clause Ideas
5 mins
Lesson 3. Contract Clause Ideas RESOURCE
5.19 MB
Lesson 4. Value vs Time
4 mins
Module 4 - Work on you
Lesson 1. What to Expect
1 min
Lesson 2. Mindset
4 mins
Lesson 3. Copywriters' Most Asked Questions Answered
3 mins

Picture this.

30-days from now, you're preparing your next batch of invoices, writing the contract for a new client or starting a new project.

And you KNOW, 100%, deep down in your belly, that you are charging fees you feel good about. You are relaxed, confident and in control because you're beginning to charge your worth.  

Access honest, real-life advice on how to start charging your worth.
  • Feel empowered, in control and justified with your prices
  • Access go-to scripts for pinpointing client budgets
  • Discover how clear agreements make everything 100% easier
  • Learn why and how to build the best partnerships with clients
  • Download and keep templates and resources for your onward journey

Sign up now

lifetime access to Feel-Good Fees (priceless)

4 x engaging course modules (£997)
1 x one-to-one call with Helen (£397)

1 x fee-finding calculator (£197)
1 x ‘What’s Your Budget’ script (£297)

1 x brief building template (£197)

+3 x cut-out-and-keep contract clauses (£197)

All that adds up to more than £2282 in true value AND THEN SOME!


What happens when I sign up?

Right away, you'll get access to module one. Dive in and get started! One week later, the next module will be released and so on until you have all four modules. 

How much time should I put aside for the course?

Each module takes 25 minutes or less to complete. See the 'in detail' section above to see how short each of the videos are.

How does the coaching call work?

In week two, you'll receive an email from Helen inviting you to a 1-hour coaching call. You'll have until two weeks after course to take up the session. Use the call time any way you like - to dig deeper into the lessons, to ask further questions about setting fees or to explore wider themes around freelancing that are holding you back.

You say more coaching calls are available. How does that work?

One coaching call is included in the course. But you might like another ... or three! Building a brilliant copywriting business takes courage, but you absolutely don't have to go it alone. If, after your first call, you'd like more support, let Helen know. 

How long does the course last?

The course is released one module at a time over a 4-week period. Each module takes no more than 25 minutes to complete.

60-day money back guarantee

If you complete my course, take action on my advice and fully utilise the coaching call I offer and STILL don’t charge what you’re worth, get a new client or make your money back on this course (and some!) in the next 60 days, then I will happily offer you a full refund. I stand behind my methodology for you to build a thriving copywriting business. 

About Helen Dibble

Helen is the founder of Incredibble, a copywriting agency in the UK. She still can't believe she gets paid to write and her mission is to help more people do what they love.