Introduction to Business Blogging by Helen Dibble

Introduction to Business Blogging

The 40-minute foundational course that gets you writing with confidence. 


My junior team complete this course as part of their induction to my agency. Overnight, their writing improves tenfold.
Mike Pye, agency MD

What's included?

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Start here
Oh hi!
3 mins
Lesson 1 | What Your Mind Needs to Know About Creating Content
7 mins
Generating great content ideas
Lesson 2 | The importance of being relevant
11 mins
The content writing success formula
Lesson 3 | The success formula
6 mins
Did you do it?
2 mins
Take your writing to the next level
Lesson 4 | How to pimp your content
11 mins
Hacks, shortcuts and useful tools
Lesson 5 | Hack, shortcuts and useful tools
3 mins
Your download | Essential grammar gremlins nailed!
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Your download | 185 Power Words to Super-Charge Your Writing
1.37 MB
Your next move
Your Next Move
2 mins