Kickstart by Helen Dibble
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Make it as a freelance copywriter 
once and for all. 
Enrollment is closed

Sick and tired of not realising your potential as a freelance copywriter?

Know you’re a great writer but struggle to find the clients, set the fees and run a business worthy of your words?

You are not alone

That was my story for the first three years of business.

I knew I could write but didn’t know HOW to run a business.
How to put myself out there, charge my worth or build profitable and enjoyable client relationships.

I was so determined to do what I love but clueless about how to make it work. 

Plus, I didn’t know what I didn’t know - which is like hiking a mountain blindfolded without a guide. 

But there was no way I was giving up.

I only wished there was someone or something that would help me on my way. 

After months and years of tears, sweat and agony, I finally figured out a few things. 
  • I invited coaches, mentors and specialists into my business and began to believe in my potential.
  • I turned my back on ‘hard’ and embraced business on my terms. 
  • I created hacks and tools to shortcut the toughest bits of the job.
  • I realised there is no rule book, there’s just you, doing what you do, in a way that makes sense for you and your business. 

Because my mission is to help people do what they love, I want to give other freelance copywriters what I wish I had all those years ago.

Introducing Kickstart

The 8-week course that gives you the tools, insight and confidence to make it as a freelance copywriter once and for all.

This is perfect for you if...

✓  You’re already running a freelance business with a growing handful of clients, but you STILL feel like you’re totally winging it.

✓  You’re already getting paid to do what you love but you’re STILL not sure how to attract and secure new clients for steady year-round income.

✓  People are already recommending you but it STILL feels like you’ll get found out at any moment. You’d love the confidence to put yourself out there and remember what a badass talented writer you are.

✓  You already know you can do this but still don’t know how to start making real money - so you can save and invest in yourself and the business.

✓  If only you could secure a steady stream of clients you don’t have to actively hunt down.

✓  If only there was someone who’d been there and got the t-shirt who can give you the right guidance to make a success of your own business.

Kickstart is a blend of online learning, group and one-to-one coaching calls

Week 1. It starts with you

Bring your business ambitions into sharp relief, start thinking about your brand, positioning and niche. 

Week 2. Choosing clients

Who are they, where are they and what does your ideal client agreement look like? 

Week 3. Finding clients

Marketing ideas, approaches and tools to make it easier for you to put yourself out there. 

Week 4. Taking the brief

Taking a good brief and asking for the budget. Foundational to brilliant work and profitable client relationships. 

Week 5. Proposals + fees

Swipe my fee finding calculator and hear guest experts talk about proposal techniques.

Week 6. Agreements

Contracts and clauses and the principles of a clear agreement.

Week 7. Getting paid

And what to do with it. Accounting ideas and chasing invoices.

Week 8. Mindset and confidence

Mindset is integral to Kickstart but here we focus solely on the techniques that will see you through.

Access powerful coaching calls to begin to realise and recognise your potential

Group calls

Weeks one and five.
Meet your fellow copywriters, discover the power of masterminds, grow your confidence as you start to help others.

One-to-one calls

Weeks three and seven with yours truly.
Discuss your most pressing challenges with me for an hour. Get focused advice and supportive insight to your business and potential.

Become part of the Kickstart community

A Facebook group exclusively for you and your fellow Kickstart copywriters.

During the course, you'll get my support and accountability, along with the thoughts and encouragement of fellow freelancers. 

After the course, you'll have a go-to community of people you already know to help you achieve even more in your copywriting career.

What other freelancers are saying

Helen nurtures your skills, builds your confidence, offers real business insights (the stuff you won’t find on the internet), and helps you achieve your goals.

Georgina, freelance copywriter
Helen has helped me develop from copywriting novice to producing high-quality work for national and international businesses. I couldn’t have achieved this level of success without Helen’s first-class coaching and guidance.
Becky, freelance copywriter

Kickstart gives you exclusive access to...

Bite-sized, specific and strategic video tutorials
Kickstart is an online, 60-day course. Each week, you'll receive a new module - a series of short videos with specific advice and proven examples. Completing each module will take around 10 to 25 minutes each week. 

Easy to copy and swipe templates, calculators and scripts to make your business-building life 100 times easier
Get your hands on my super-practical workbooks and a host of extremely useful tools you can take into your own copywriting business. 
Group coaching and a go-to community
Meet your fellow Kickstarters online in a group coaching session. We'll be using a powerful masterminding technique that gives you laser focused support and ideas AND the opportunity to help and inspire each other.

One-to-one coaching conversations with yours truly
We’ll meet online and discuss your most pressing business challenges. Talk about anything! Share proposals and discuss your latest project, talk marketing and niche. Two calls are included in the course and you can always book more.

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Lifetime access to the Kickstart curriculum (priceless)

8 x Engaging course modules (£997)
2 x One-to-one calls with Helen (£795)

2 x Group coaching calls with your fellow Kickstarters (£397)

1 x Fee-finding calculator (£197)
1 x ‘What’s Your Budget’ script (£297)

1 x Brief building template (£197)

+3 x Cut-out-and-keep contract clauses (£197)

Guest expert speakers (£297)

All that adds up to more than £2674 in true value AND THEN SOME!

Kickstart is an application-only opportunity

Complete this short questionnaire to be invited to a conversation with me, Helen Dibble. I want to personally make sure Kickstart is right for you, and you’re right for Kickstart. 

If you're open to learning more about yourself, stepping into your potential, challenging your assumptions and committed to realising your dreams, Kickstart is the perfect guide for your freelance career. 

If you believe you already have all the answers, aren't willing to listen to alternative ideas, want a silver bullet to your problems, or yes-person to agree with everything you say, Kickstart isn't for you. 


How much time should I put aside for the course?

Each module takes 25 minutes or less to complete although you might like to put aside more time to think or action the ideas shared. The coaching calls last for one hour in weeks one, three, five and seven. 

How do the coaching calls work?

Both group and one-to-one calls happen on Zoom during business hours (GMT). Use the calls any way you like - to dig deeper into the lessons, to ask further questions about the course concepts or to explore wider themes around freelancing that are holding you back.

You say more coaching calls are available. How does that work?

Two coaching calls are included in the course. But you might like another ... or six! Building a brilliant copywriting business takes courage, but you absolutely don't have to go it alone. If you'd like more support, let me know.

How long does the course last?

The course is released one module at a time over an 8-week period. Each module takes no more than 25 minutes to complete although you might like to put aside more time to think or action the ideas shared.

60-day money back guarantee

If you complete my course, take action on my advice and fully utilise the coaching call I offer and STILL don’t charge what you’re worth, get a new client or make your money back on this course (and some!) in the next 60 days, then I will happily offer you a full refund. I stand behind my methodology for you to build a thriving copywriting business. 

About Helen Dibble

Helen is the founder of Incredibble, a copywriting agency in the UK. She still can't believe she gets paid to write and her mission is to help more people do what they love.